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1 Feb

Today, I was getting ready to walk out the door to my French class when I was stopped by my charming, albeit idiotic roommate. She was resplendent in her leggings, Uggs, and university sweatshirt coupled with a messy bun high on her head and the requisite Northface jacket hanging over her arm.

“Why are you so dressed up?” she said in her saccharine sweet tone.

I glanced down at my outfit. Raspberry colored cotton long sleeved dress, wide black belt, black tights, cheetah print flats. Pretty simple, or so I thought.

“I guess…I like this dress?” I offered.

Oh, you’re one of those girls,” she simpered.

One of those girls? One of the millions of girls in this world who wake up every day and think, Hm, what shall I wear today? One of those girls who takes pride in the way they look and want to present an image other than that of the sloppy college student? Yes. I am one of those girls I guess. Thank you.

Here is a close approximation of what I was wearing during this conversation:


Cute, right? I thought so.

When did it become offensive to get dressed in the morning? What has happened to my generation? We are a population that lives in fur boots and fleece jackets. Why? Can we just not be bothered to open out closets anymore? What are we afraid of?