22 Feb

Everyone has those days- you know, the ones where you feel completely uninspired and exhausted? I suppose I have them more often than not, considering my wildly unpredictable sleep schedule and lack of nutrients in my poor college student budget. All this week I have been beyond tired, to the point where I lay down at 2 in the afternoon and don’t resurface again till 7 or 8 at night. I keep telling myself it’s because I am having a growth spurt, but so far my height remains unchanged. I am so close to burning out; thank goodness it’s almost spring break. A week of sunshine and complete irresponsibility will do me good I think. I am trying to perk myself up by getting excited about some new spring colors. I have been waiting for pastels to come back, and now that they have, I am entitled to dress like an Easter egg any time I want. Right now I love mint green, coral, and baby blue. (I think pink goes without saying at this point). Now is a perfect time to take those spring colors for a test drive. Here is great way to combine some fresh colors in an equally fresh way- color blocking with pastels. Man, I should be an art teacher.


On a side note, it is beautiful outside today. Go celebrate it while we can.


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