Leave only footprints.

17 Feb

This has been a really hectic, awful week for me. I haven’t slept in days (or so it seems), my food cupboard is bare, and I feel like I should really just move into the home section of Macy’s at the mall to save time on my commute. Creating style boards has become my relaxation technique, much like yoga or red wine, only less painful and expensive. I need a few hours on the weekends of just me, style blogs, and the Travel Channel. It’s cathartic, in a way. Closing my door and just being inside my own head is a relief after eight hours in retail hell.

I have a new friend. She is one of the most unique, intelligent, beautiful women I know. She is incredibly passionate about sustainability and the environment to boot. The first time I really spent time with her, we were at a bar watching the band our boyfriends play in together. She was wearing a tweed maxi skirt, baggy floral tank top, and beat up brown leather boots. Sounds like a crazy combination, but on her tiny fairy-like frame, it was endearing and edgy. She wears her hair cropped short(compliments of yours truly), and makes eating clean and local look like the easiest thing in the world. Considering my closet is full of tulle and and my idea of eating clean is drizzling olive oil over my pasta, our friendship is a little unusual. So, in honor of my new found friend, someone who is inspiring and charming and really one of the best people I’ve ever met, here is an ode to her ideals, sprinkled with a dash of mine. Everything in this board is organic, sustainable, local, and surprisingly chic. Turns out eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean canvas flats and hemp pants. (Unless you want it to.)


It’s not hard to guess which parts of this ensemble are inspired by me. These leather pants are vegan, skinny, and leather; three of my favorite things. Paired with an organic ivy colored tank and a cozy grey pullover sweater, this look has all the elements I love in an outfit. Leather and wool for texture, and layering because why not. The flats are from TOMS new ballet flats line, which is something I have been waiting for forever, and are just one of those feel good purchases. So there it is. A little bit of me, a little bit of her.


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