Above all this one’s for you.

4 Feb

Most of my weekends are spent driving to and from bars and clubs in my city, dragging cables and microphones in and out of the trunk of a car, and ordering pints upon pints of Guinness. No, I am not that cool, but the band my boyfriend plays in is. He plays in an Irish punk band that has been compared to the Pogues, which is a huge honor in the Irish music world. The band consists of 6 men and 1 woman, and they are all wildly talented. I love watching them play and being a part of their group. I also love the opportunity to play girlfriend of the band every weekend and try outfits that wouldn’t necessarily work on campus.
This is my typical show night outfit: a skirt or dress in some cool fabric, a girly top (usually in pink) and my trademark leopard print flats. I love the slightly rough, badass feel of this skirt, and the light pink detailed tops, tucked in and paired with flat shoes perfect for dancing a jig or carrying a snare drum, make it feel feminine and light.Most of the people at these type of shows are in jeans and tees, so I really stand out in the crowd. I don’t mind, and neither does my boyfriend.
My competition most the time is one guy who always shows up in a kilt. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to compete with a skinny shirtless dude in a skirt.

I'll have a pint

I am going to try and post a new out every other day, as my schedule allows. I love taking inspiration from places, colors, texture, even quotes. So, if you have any suggestions, post in the comments! I would love to get out of my own head and into someone else’s.

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