10 Jan

Ah, the first day of a new semester. All the status updates detailing schedules, bemoaning early morning classes, afternoon classes, and really just any classes in general. And of course the zealous students who are just returning to school after a hiatus, claiming “I love school!” and, “Can’t wait to start learning!” Let us all pause for a moment while I call bullshit on that. I used to be excited about new semesters too. Instead of one chance to reinvent myself every nine months, I got the chance to blossom into who I was “supposed” to be every 15 weeks! Imagine my delight in my second semester of college, returning to my sterile, newly constructed apartment, full of good intentions and aspiring to new, nay unreachable heights.

Fast forward three years. I should be organizing my new notebooks and textbooks right now, yet here I am, staring at my closet and keeping one eye on my new Urban Decay Book of Shadows eye palette. I unearthed a pair of white skinny jeans from the back of the deep abyss that houses my garments and now I can’t stop thinking about them. Those jeans, plus my new eyeshadows, makes it hard for me for to sleep at night, which is not great when I have to be up at 7 A.M. most mornings. They call to me, shining in the dark, pristine white, skinny and high waisted, just begging for a loose knit pink sweater and a copper smoky eye. I am too excited to sleep. Well, not really. I stopped being too excited to sleep when I found out the Halloween fairy was really my mom and she was stealing my candy, not taking it to Candyland and replacing my sweets with trinkets.

P.S. I still am learning how to do links to other websites. I tried the one for Urban Decay. If it didn’t work, check it out on their site, I love this thing. I am emotionally attached to it.

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